MCOM Corporation focuses on the three key and clearly defined service
areas (please click the title for more information about each service):

Cost Segregation Studies - Analysis of commercial and business real
estate property to reduce taxes and enhance cash flow. Many small to mid
size businesses effectively manage operational cost components but few are well
versed in the latest IRS depreciation case law.  Most CPA firms themselves are not
capable of conducting Cost Segregation Studies that take advantage of these new
depreciation laws to make significant reductions in the tax burden and maximize cash
flow.  MCOM Corporation engineers have conducted over 1,200 cost segregation
studies in the past 5 years.  We are experts in this area.

Business Valuation - Accurately estimate the value of small to mid sized
businesses. Many clients have built business operations to the point where the
entity is ready to take the next step; growth through acquisition, merger or strategic
alliance.  In other cases business owners have decided to end their involvement with
the company and are looking for exit strategies that maximize their capital and time
investments. Whatever the choice is, it must start with an accurate valuation of the
business.  MCOM Corporation principals are experts in this area with over 20 years
experience in valuing companies for acquisition, merger or divestiture.

Management Consulting - MCOM Corporation professionals are
seasoned veterans and proven managers of turn-arounds, start-ups,
and company reorganizations.   With in depth experience in fixing ailing
operations, or rapidly capitalizing on business opportunities, our principals quickly
identify the key problem/opportunity areas and apply proven corrective actions to
solve the problems or benefit from the market opportunity.  

Brief History
MCOM Corporation was formed by a group of senior experts in Cost Segregation,
Business Valuation and Management Consulting.

Started at the request of clients who were unable to find these essential support
provided by professionals with deep experience in their industries, MCOM Corporation
was established with the mission to provide these support functions to a select group
of top level clients.

Mindful of the high overhead costs of large consulting firms, MCOM Corporation keeps
costs low by maintaining minimal staff and allocating senior resources to clients only as

MCOM’s Vision
MCOM Corporation principals understand that business owners need essential
services they are unable to perform internally from reliable suppliers who are able to
deliver services on time and within budget.

MCOM Corporation are specifically and narrowly focused on 3 service niches they
have developed expertise in over the years.  The company does not try to be all things
to all people but, instead, do few things very, very well.

MCOM Corporation philosophy is to provide these services directly to a select group of
clients.  Unlike many larger companies, MCOM Corporation ’s principals believe that
their clients hire them directly and therefore should be served directly by them.  The
company does not maintain a pool of junior staff waiting to be assigned to a client's
matters. Our principals are the ones who work directly on our clients’ matters. The
typical MCOM Corporation professional has over twenty 25 years of business/industry
experience. They are AVAs, CPAs, CFAs, and MBAs with considerable business,
management, financial and accounting acumen. Many of MCOM Corporation
professionals are recognized leaders in their professions.

MCOM Corporation does a wide variety of partnering with select firms in key industries.
We seek partnerships with highly qualified firms in the following principle areas.  

CPA firms are the most qualified source of knowledge on the individual tax situation
oftheir clients.  They must stay abreast of the latest tax laws that affect them. CPA firms
who advise clients with real estate holdings are ideal candidates to educate their
clients on Cost Segregation Studies, a subject that can reduce their tax liability
dramatically.   An affiliation with a top quality Cost Segregation firm is a highly valuable
support benefit to a client’s overall portfolio, as well as to the services depth of the
CPA firm itself.

Cost segregation firms do not replace the vital role the CPA plays in tax planning and
preparation for their clients, rather the two services complement each other. The IRS
requires that engineering-based studies be performed in order to realize the maximum
depreciation benefits allowable under the recent tax law changes. Most CPA firms don't
have either the necessary expertise to properly segregate the different types of
property or the engineering staff necessary to analyze construction drawings and
conduct engineering cost estimates.

For CPA firms then, cost segregation firms are not a source of competition, but instead
should be seen as vital a resource for attracting new clients and expanding their
existing client relationships.

Tax Law Practices are in constant need of Business Valuations.  These serve as
the basis for most planning mechanisms, whether they be for family owned business
estate planning, top management exit strategies, mergers and acquisitions, partner
dissolutions or any number of other tax related actions.  MCOM Corporation principles
bring a balanced approach to Business Valuations by virtue of their deep knowledge of
business operations, competitive activity, organizational structures and financial

Commercial Real Estate Brokers need a cutting edge tool that will provide
potential clients with a heretofore unknown benefit and Cost Segregation Studies are
ideal in this sense.  Commercial real estate investors and owners of business real
estate are always looking for ways to improve their project's cash flow.  Cash flow is
often the most critical factor investors analyze in the decision mix to purchase a facility.
Cost Segregation studies accelerate depreciation deductions and defer federal and
state income taxes.  This helps the prospective property owner increase his cash flow.
Cost Segregation studies are the perfect vehicle for real estate brokers to use to
develop new business.

Real Estate Law Practices are also highly compatible partners for Cost
Segregation firms.  Real estate law firms manage all the legal aspects of property
development or ongoing management if the structure is already built.  In both cases,
the law firm can enhance the building owner's cash flow by suggesting a Cost
Segregation Study be performed.  The ideal time to perform a Cost Segregation Study
is at the moment the building is put into service.  This assures that the building owner
gets the maximum tax benefit applied at the earliest possible moment.  In other cases,
owners of buildings who have not taken these significant benefits in the first years of
construction are allowed one year "catch ups" that bundle all the previously allowable
benefits into one lump sum, taken the first year the Cost Segregation Study is in effect.

contact us to explore working relationships for your client base.  MCOM
Corporation can be a reliable, compatible partner that enhances your services to
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